Margarita Kloss

Book Review: Cal Alive! Exploring Biodiversity


California Institute for Biodiversity, 2002 Professional Edition (3 CD-ROMs, classroom guide, poster), $250 Lite Edition (1 CD-ROM, no classroom guide), $50 To learn about the vast variety of life in California, it would be best to pack up the car, … Read more

Book Review: Inland Fishes of California


by Peter Moyle University of California Press, 2002 502 pages, $70 In this revision of his 1976 classic, biologist Peter Moyle has once again collected in one place the information available on California’s inland fishes and created a masterful snapshot … Read more

Learning More About Ravens


To learn more about ravens, you might first dive into a field guide—Audubon, Golden, Peterson, Sibley, among others. In addition to a clear, concise description of your bird in question, most field guides will point to distinguishing features (in the … Read more