Paul Epstein

Great white shark underwater, Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Swimming for Sharks


Emmy-award-winning filmmaker and marine scientist David McGuire has not only swum with sharks, he’s swum FOR them. As founder and executive director of the Sausalito-based marine research and advocacy organization Sea Stewards, McGuire started the locally popular fundraisers “Swim for … Read more

Almaden Reservoir, San Jose. January, 2014. (Justin Sullivan)

Water, Water Everywhere…?


In these days of scarce water, the supply of organizations talking about water policy seems to exceed the supply of the precious liquid itself.   But alongside the economically powerful giants duking it out for their share of the dwindling supplies, … Read more

Jake Sigg: Nature News’ Passionate Pen


Anyone interested in Bay Area nature and ecology has likely come across Jake Sigg’s Nature News, an indispensable and idiosyncratic email newsletter that goes out to 2,400 subscribers every week. Nature News—a volunteer project Jake does on his own—is much … Read more

Coyote Gulch in Escalante National Monument

Jake Sigg: Why I Fight for Nature


We asked Jake Sigg, the popular and opinionated editor of Nature News, what originally inspired him to become such a passionate advocate for the environment. Here’s what he told us…. Back in the spring of 1966, I went on a … Read more

Tales of a Recovered Arachnophobe


Gwen Heistand hasn’t always loved spiders: In fact, she used to be deathly afraid of them! As resident biologist at Audubon Canyon Ranch’s Martin Griffin Preserve on Bolinas Lagoon, Gwen now helps people overcome their own fears of these creepy-crawlies … Read more

one of Tracy Fasanella's chickens wanders in her garden

Counting her Chickens


Tracy Fasanella, CEO of CarbonCount, Inc., a green accounting firm, lives in two worlds.  When she’s not parsing cap-and-trade regulations for clients, pointing them to money for efficiency research, she tends her garden, nurtures her rabbits, and gets both fertilizer … Read more

Teacher Rona Zollinger, on a trip to the Arctic earlier this year

Turning Over a New Leaf


“Phenology studies the seasonal cycles in nature, such as when flowers bloom, insects hatch, and birds migrate. In the era of climate change, the science of seasonal observation has taken on a new urgency.” – Jacoba Charles, “The Phenology Project”, … Read more

The “Bat Lady” of Yolo Basin


Corky Quirk is the founder and executive director of Northern California Bats (aka NorCal Bats), a Sacramento-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of bats. NorCal Bats is also deeply committed to dispelling the fears and myths about … Read more

It’s Fun to Share!


San Francisco resident Kelly Jensen is the Interlibrary Loan and Digital Production Assistant at the California Academy of Sciences. One of the perks of her job is a discounted membership in City CarShare (CCS),  a program which offers car rentals … Read more

Clear Lake at Dawn,

A Clear-Eyed Vision for Clear Lake


Roberta Lyons is a muckraker, though a different sort than her journalist mother.  Lyons herself looks past actual muck – the rash-inducing algal blooms that periodically foul the shores of her beloved Clear Lake – to find plentiful natural beauty and wildness. And through … Read more