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Never Mind the Game; Here’s a Superb Owl in San Jose

January 30, 2015 by Laura Hautala

This is no mere Internet meme: the City of San Jose has a burrowing owl preserve, with hidden cameras, and it is spectacular.


Owl in the Hole

July 01, 2012 by John Muir Laws

Meet the ambassadors of grasslands — among the few birds you’ll meet that live in holes in the ground. As ...

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Got Mice? Get an Owl!

August 23, 2011 by Joan Curtis

Facing a rodent problem? Before you head to the hardware store for rat poison, Alex Godby, founder of the nonprofit Hungry Owl Project (HOP), wants to persuade you that there are better ways to deal with rats and mice.

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Why are barn owls dying on the road?

April 01, 2011 by Michael Ellis

Bay Nature reader Rich saw a number of dead barn owls along I-5. What's going on? Turns out barn owls may be the most widespread birds in the world -- and they may be the original ghosts!

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Antioch Developer Evicts Burrowing Owls

December 21, 2009 by Donna Whitmarsh

Scott and Heather Artis of Antioch have adopted a local community of burrowing owls as their own stewardship project and were looking forward to this year's nesting season, but in November 2009 the state handed the owls an eviction notice, to make way for a housing development...

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