Santa Clara Valley habitat plan up for final vote

January 28, 2013

San Jose officials will decide the fate of the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Conservation Plan on Tuesday, January 29. The plan, in the works for more than a decade, would protect more than 46,000 acres of open space and 18 endangered species.

According to a website by supporting environmental groups,  the conservation plan will “preserve the remaining open spaces in South County – adding to the region’s attractiveness as urbanized areas become more heavily populated.”

The plan not only focuses on endangered species in one location, but supports a comprehensive approach to maintaining a healthy ecosystem, so that blocks of habitat can be preserved as a whole. It would ensure the long term protection of open space while simultaneously directing urban development to existing cities.

A coalition of eight environmental groups are backing the plan, among them the California Native Plants Society, Greenbelt Alliance, and the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society.

The Santa Clara County Supervisors, Santa Clara Valley Water District, City of Gilroy, City of Morgan Hill, and Valley Transportation Authority have all approved the Plan, and the City of San Jose is the last partner to vote.

Voice your opinion of the plan, or attend the San Jose City Council meeting at 1:30 p.m. on January 29 .

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