Painted Redstart in Berkeley: A first for Alameda County

November 18, 2013

berkeleyside-logo_webThis weekend, hundreds of bird enthusiasts flocked to a quiet southside Berkeley neighborhood to catch a glimpse of a beautiful North American breeding bird that has never before been sighted in Alameda County.

The colorful Painted Redstart was still in the Elmwood neighborhood this morning, flitting between three large trees located on three adjacent streets.

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About the Author

Elaine Miller Bond is the photographer for the upcoming book: “The Utah Prairie Dog” by Theodore Manno and John L. Hoogland (University of Utah Press, for 2013), and author of “Dream Affimals (Affirmations + Animals): Inspiration to Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams” (Sunstone Press, targeted for later this year).Berkeleyside is Berkeley, California’s independently owned local news site and a content partner of Bay Nature. 

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