Map: Where Oodles of Federal Dollars for Nature Are Going

September 15, 2023

Holy mackerel. Last I tallied it up (it’s September 2023), the projects we’ve been tracking for Wild Billions now amount to more than $1 billion—$1,069,430,677, to be exact.

That’s money federal agencies are spending on nature in the greater San Francisco Bay Area—from the Farallones to the Sierras—thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act.

Here’s the map of projects we’ve found so far. We’ll keep updating it as we find more.

And if you want to get in on this money? Get started with our tips for community-based organizations and local governments.

About this project: Bay Nature is reporting on a potentially transformational amount of funding for nature in BIL and IRA. Tell us what you think or send us a tip at, and read more at our Wild Billions project page.

About the Author

Kate Golden is Bay Nature's digital editor. Her background is in investigative, data-driven, and science journalism, and she has reported from rural Australia to the Bering Sea. She is also an artist, cyclist and sailor. Send tips to kate at, or find her on IG at @meownderthal.

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