Beth Slatkin

Beth Slatkin is Bay Nature's marketing and outreach director.
Lance Milbrand, wildlife filmmaker

Walk Like a Newt


Lance Milbrand has spent more than 27 years as an independent filmmaker specializing in films about wild animals and marine life. He’s donned his scuba gear to film the endangered Devils Hole pupfish in a Death Valley cave and a … Read more

Kurt Schwabe and his dog Oscar Wilde. Oscar did not accompany Kurt on his trek.

Around the Bay in 30 Days


Armed with a San Francisco Bay Trail map, his set of Bay Trail map cards, and his Clipper Card, San Francisco resident Kurt Schwabe spent every day last month circumnavigating the Bay, completing over 300 miles of accessible trail – … Read more

Group photo of hikers on a BAO outing.

Getting Outside: Good for All Ages


Inspired by her grandparents’ love of the outdoors, South Bay biotech executive Anne Ferguson founded an organization that helps older adults feel good about getting outside and engaging with nature. We spoke about Bay Area Older Adults and what it’s … Read more

Cindy Spring in Chabot

Springing Forward into Nature


One constant of Cindy Spring’s ever-changing life path has been her commitment to live her values. A one-time news broadcaster and holistic health practitioner with a deep dedication to activism, Cindy’s passion turned to local nature ten years ago following … Read more

Getting People Outside


In a previous era, Michael Closson might have been a pioneer outdoorsman in the Sierra Nevada. Now he’s simply an avid hiker – and a passionate advocate for the environment. When he’s not hiking, Michael channels his passion into his … Read more

Scouting For Preservation Opportunities


From a boy scout catching frogs to a leader in open space conservation, Sonoma Land Trust’s Ralph Benson has been taking calculated risks — and realizing considerable success.

Cyane Dandridge

Bringing an Environmental School to Light


During her two years at the Environmental Protection Agency designing the first Energy Star programs, Cyane Dandridge lamented not being able to “see change happen” on the ground. So she found work closer to her heart, founding an environmental consulting … Read more

High Plains Drifters


My current beach reading has the usual ingredients: a steamy love triangle, a pitched battle between mortal enemies, and colorful characters cavorting in exotic locales. This is no dime-store novel, though, but an homage to the North American prairie entitled … Read more

A West Marin Walkabout


Jules Evens has lived next to the Point Reyes National Seashore for most of his four decades in the Bay Area. With the park’s 50th anniversary at hand, Jules decided to honor this milestone by trekking every one of of the Seashore’s 154 miles of trails on foot.