Jen Joynt

Jen Joynt is a Bay Area wildlife photographer and contributor to Bay Nature. She also writes a blog.

A walk among butterflies


I never quite know what I might find when I set out with my camera, my binoculars, and my wandering eyes.  Recently, I headed out in Tilden Nature Area, one of my regular haunts, hoping to find fun wildlife to … Read more

Owls, their owlet and the Berkeley masses


Over the course of two short months, great horned owls hatched and raised an owlet on a trail in Claremont Canyon in Berkeley. A “bird’s eye” view of the nest made it possible for passersby to get an intimate look at the owlet’s transformation from hatchling to fledgling. But as the popularity of the nesting owls grew, so did the ethical questions. How can so many people enjoy nature without doing it harm?

Second chances: A golden eagle returned to the wild


Local wildlife photographer Jen Joynt observed the release of a rehabilitated golden eagle at Las Trampas Regional Wilderness in San Ramon. The eagle was likely hit by a car in October and suffered a fractured wing. Its successful recovery means it can return to the wild.