Rick Lewis

Rick Lewis is a Bay Nature contributor and wildlife photographer who likes to muck around with his lenses in Arrowhead Marsh.

Up close and personal with clappers


The California clapper rail may not be the most distinguished of birds, at least on appearance. Except for the flash of bright orange in its beak, this saltmarsh critter-eater is a mottled gray-brown, about the size of a chicken. But … Read more

To eat, and to be eaten at Arrowhead Marsh


When I’m hungry I usually go to a place where someone brings me a plate of hot food. Birds, on the other hand, actually work for theirs.You may think you work too, but when was the last time your food escaped or scratched back? It’s a jungle out there and predators exist in the guise of a pretty bird standing on long legs, or performing amazing aerial acrobatics.