Aaron Freifeld

Aaron Freifeld is a Bay Nature editorial volunteer.

The Pinnacles’ First Condor Nest in 100 Years


For the first time in a century, condors are nesting in Pinnacles National Monument, a park of towering cliffs in the Gavilan Mountains east of Monterey Bay. The discovery is thrilling news for park biologists, who have coordinated a condor reestablishment program here since 2003.

Helping Kids Discover the Wonder of Nature


You might think that 5-year-old Rosa might be hesitant to return to her teacher after sneaking off to smear gray mud all over her face and arms. Instead, she runs right up to teacher Chris Giorni with a smile on her round, blackened face….

Have Your Say in 50 Years of Restoration


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will be hosting two public workshops in March to explain and hear comments on a 50-year plan for restoring the San Francisco and Suisun Bays, which have lost 90 percent of their wetlands. Find out how you can take part in the restoration…