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David Schooley on San Bruno Mountain

The Guardian of San Bruno Mountain


Silently rising above the industry and commerce lining Highway 101 south of San Francisco  is San Bruno Mountain, an area rich in biodiversity. What has allowed this gem to remain relatively undisturbed despite the development pressures lapping at its feet? … Read more

Marine vomit threatens Drakes Estero


“Marine vomit” can be as vile as it sounds. The invasive marine invertebrate is fueling the debate about the future of Drakes Estero in time for this week’s ruling on oyster farming.

A ballot battle over San Francisco parks funding


It would seem a no-brainer in eco-minded San Francisco that a $195 million bond to spruce up city parks would get a thumbs up on election day. Which is why it’s surprising that environmental groups are against it.

Setting the record straight on bats and rabies


As fascinating as bats are, they, like all wild creatures, come with a warning label. While rabies is far from on the rise among humans and domesticated animals in America, it still exists among wild animals, including bats. The recent … Read more