The San Francisco Bay Area has an extensive array of programming to support little people with big curiosities.

Helping Restore Hamilton Wetland from the Ground Up


Several thousand of the 60,000 plants intended to ultimately go into the ground at the Hamilton Wetland restoration site will arrive there via the hands of young Marin residents as part of the Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed Program.

A page from Matthew Bettelheim's children's book Sardis and Stamm

A Child’s Book of Habitat


Wildlife biologist and environmental science writer (and former Bay Nature contributing editor) Matthew Bettelheim temporarily switched out of his academic mode to write a children’s book that is coming out this week. Sardis and Stamm takes young readers on a … Read more

Yellow Foot Chanterelle (Craterellus tubaeformis), an edible mushroom found in the Bay Area and displayed at this year's MSSF Fungus Fair (Photo by Trent Pierce)

Before the Annual Fungus Fair, It’s All About Finding the Right Mushroom


Served in French dishes under the alias pom pom du blanc, lion’s mane has a texture and taste resembling lobster or shrimp. Chris Schoenstein, a lifelong enthusiast and member of the Mycological Society of San Francisco, has only seen one 2 or 3 times. But that, if you’re a mushroom hunter, is the hook that keeps you coming back to an event like the Wunderlich Foray.

Traditional and Modern Methods of Acorn Preparation


Bay Area oaks are prolific, but acorn use has diminished within the last 200 years. With the help of modern kitchenware you can rediscover the art of acorn preparation and its rich history grounded in Native American traditions.

Teacher Rona Zollinger, on a trip to the Arctic earlier this year

Turning Over a New Leaf


“Phenology studies the seasonal cycles in nature, such as when flowers bloom, insects hatch, and birds migrate. In the era of climate change, the science of seasonal observation has taken on a new urgency.” – Jacoba Charles, “The Phenology Project”, … Read more