Joe Eaton

Joe Eaton lives in Berkeley and writes for the San Francisco Chronicle and Estuary News.

It’s Fun! It’s Science! It’s a Bioblitz!


On the last weekend of March, 9,000 people armed with binoculars, butterfly nets, cameras, and smartphones, spread out over an archipelago of national park lands from Point Reyes in Marin County to Mori Point on the San Mateo coast. Their … Read more

Ocean Acid Trip: The Hidden Harm of Climate Change


Seawater has historically been alkaline, but is increasingly becoming less so. What does this mean for the ocean ecosystem in general? And along the California coast in particular? We’re just beginning to figure that out.

fly agaric

Planet Fungi


Culinary uses aside, fungi have their own aesthetic appeal: the spectral elegance of the amanitas, the vivid reds and greens of the waxy caps.