Other Ways to Support

To make a one-time donation click here. You can also support Bay Nature in these ways:

  • Give through your company’s matching gift program.
  • Donate securities, stocks, mutual funds, or bonds. If you have held them for more than a year, making a tax-deductible gift of them may result in significant tax savings to you.
    Please notify us of your intention to donate securities prior to the transaction, so that we may alert our broker and ensure that your generosity is acknowledged accurately and promptly. (See contact info below.) For auditing and acknowledgement purposes, please include your name and complete address and the name and number of shares of the stock that you are donating. Direct your gift to:
          Receiving Firm Name — UnionBanc Investment Services
          Receiving Firm DTC Number — 0226
          Receiving Account Title — Bay Nature Institute
          Receiving Account Number — 0BP781576

    For complete NFS Delivery Instructions click here.

    If you have any questions, we recommend that you consult with your tax or financial advisor to discuss your specific situation. If you need additional information
    regarding the transfer, please contact Judith at 510-528-8550×105.
  • Make a bequest to Bay Nature Institute in your will. Here’s how: “I give _______ [state the dollar amount, percentage, residual portion of estate to be given] to Bay Nature Institute, a California not-for-profit corporation with its principal office located at 1328 6th Street, #2, Berkeley, CA, 94710. I make this gift to further the organization’s efforts to inspire people to explore and protect the natural world of the Bay Area.” Please let us know when you’ve done this so that we can thank you.
  • Sponsor Bay Nature’s Annual Local Hero Awards Dinner
  • Provide in-kind goods or services. For example, past in-kind gifts have included legal advice, cases of wine, graphic design and printing services.

If you have any questions, contact Judith Katz at 1328 Sixth Street, #2, Berkeley, CA 94704, email judith@baynature.org, phone (510)528-8550 x105.

Thank you for your interest and support!