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If I Pull Invasive Ivy Down from Trees, Does it Hurt the Ecosystem?

March 13, 2018 by Cat Chang

A reader wonders: should I pull out creeping ivy, or has it created its own ecosystem with plants and animals that rely on it?


How Do You Identify Small Brown Moths?

February 27, 2018 by Tony Iwane

A reader finds a small brown moth, the type you regularly see under porchlights. Where do you begin to identify it?


After a Fire, Fast-Growing Flowers Lock in a Long-Term Recovery

February 14, 2018 by Hannah Johansson

We’re used to thinking about how wildfires change the soil for plants. But a UC Berkeley researcher wants to turn the relationship around and ask how the plants that spring up after a fire could lock-in long-term soil recovery.


Ask the Naturalist: What Are These Mysterious Tiny “Eggs”?

February 14, 2018 by Angela Pai

A reader finds what looks like pomegranate seeds at the base of her maple tree. Are they eggs? Galls? Or something else?


When Octopuses Thrived in the San Francisco Bay

January 30, 2018 by Andrew Cohen

Do octopus live in the Bay? Marine biologist Andrew Cohen’s answer may surprise you.


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