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King-Swett Ranches

by on July 08, 2012

The three parcels that make up King-Swett Ranches are a nearly 4,000-acre  bulwark of grasslands and riparian corridors limiting the sprawl of Vallejo and Fairfield along Interstate 80. It’s too bad that the massive Hiddenbrooke housing development snuck in before the ridges got protected, but there’s still a lot to savor here: wildflowers, raptors, ponds with pond turtles and chorus frogs.

Because Solano County lacks a regional parks agency, this land remains in the hands of the Solano Land Trust, which can afford to open it only for once-a-month guided tours. But those are worth doing, especially in spring! summer here is very hot and dry.

Check out Aleta George’s 2013 magazine feature all about the park to learn more.

Acres : 3956

Access Status : Restricted Access

Agency : Solano Land Trust

Agency Website : http://www.solanolandtrust.org/

Park Website : http://www.solanolandtrust.org/KingSwett.aspx

Park Map Link :

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