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Bay Nature magazineJuly-September 2015

Latest from astronomy

Ask the Naturalist: What’s the Best Time and Place to See Meteors?

July 06, 2015 by Michael Ellis

What's the best time and place to see meteor showers from the Bay Area?

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Mount Diablo Astronomical Society

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

M.D.A.S. was formed in 1957 as part of the National "Moonwatch" program established to time the first man-made satellites so accurate orbits could be calculated.

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Chabot Space & Science Center

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

Chabot Space & Science Center is the continuation and expansion of a public observatory that has served San Francisco Bay Area schools and citizens with astronomy and science education programs for 124 years.

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Winter Star

October 21, 2011 by Alan Kaplan

Winter is a great time to head out and look at the night sky. In between storms, of course. And the Bay Area has lots of groups ready to help you and your kids get excited about stars!

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Stargazing in the SF Bay Area

September 26, 2011 by Sue Rosenthal

Nature doesn't disappear when the sun goes down--there's a whole universe out there to explore after dark! If you don't have your own telescope, you can look at stars, planets, and other astronomical objects through big telescopes at observatories and smaller, portable telescopes at star parties or see them in dazzling indoor planetarium shows. People who share their love of astronomy and stargazing with others are friendly by nature.


Starry, Starry Night

October 01, 2002 by Linda Watanabe McFerrin

We humans have evolved to be outside in the daylight. But there are delights awaiting those who venture forth at night. Revel in the cosmic mysteries of the star-filled sky, and open your senses to the shadowy world of nature's night shift.

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Star Gazing and Night Hiking Resources

October 01, 2002 by Bay Nature Staff

To See the Stars Well do I know that I am mortal and a creature of one day;but when my ...


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