Where is the Wild After Wildfire?


Forests that have experienced fire are vibrant, dazzling, full of life, and rapidly regenerating. Wildflowers and thousands of tree seedlings are bursting from the earth; the air is full of birdsong. The flowers attract insects, which attract birds and smaller … Read more

San Francisco in the rain

Why October Rain Matters


Major October rain is in the forecast for the first time in five years. As they say in sports, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

Photo of journalist Lizzie Johnson and the cover of her book, entitled Paradise

This is Now: Wildfire in Paradise (book talk)


Chronicle reporter Lizzie Johnson shares her highly-anticipated, gripping firsthand account of a California megafire. This is an online event. In November of 2018, one California town woke to grey, furious skies, and the smoke of a rising fire that would … Read more