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How Humans, and Dogs, Can Coexist With Coyotes in San Francisco

October 20, 2015 by Graelyn Brashear

San Francisco holds public meetings on coexisting with coyotes.


How to Get Along With Coyotes As Pups Venture Out

August 06, 2015 by Janet Kessler

Tips from coyote watcher Janet Kessler on coexisting with urban predators.


Finding Nature in Mussel Rock Park

October 27, 2013 by Eric Simons

Mussel Rock Park has an uneven human and geologic history. That hasn't stopped Oscar Porter from hiking there every day in search of extraordinary nature. He's collected his photos of coyotes, birds and spiders on YouTube and in a book called Nature Under the Fog.


Keeping the peace with urban coyotes

November 07, 2012 by Courtney Quirin

When a pet goes missing, urban coyotes can quickly develop a bad rap. But many wildlife experts say it’s not the coyotes who need better management -- it’s us.

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Navigating cities: survival skills for the urban coyote

September 19, 2012 by Courtney Quirin

One recent sunny morning a young coyote lounged on the fairway of San Francisco’s Lincoln Park Golf Course, unphased by ...


Urban coyotes in our midst

September 04, 2012 by Courtney Quirin

Fabled as a wily shape-shifter and trickster, the coyote’s latest magic trick has been turning cities into habitat, and San ...


Off-leash dog harasses coyotes

May 16, 2012 by Bay Nature

After “not getting the message ” about how to behave around coyotes, San Francisco Animal Care and Control released this ...

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The Middle Way

July 01, 2011 by Glen Martin

Grizzlies may be long gone and mountain lions few and far between, but many smaller predators are thriving in Bay Area wildlands and even in cities and suburbs. From plentiful raccoons and skunks to elusive badgers, midsize predators are major players in local ecosystems, so next time you hear the late-night clatter of garbage cans, give a nod to these scrappy survivors.


Coyote Close-up

May 31, 2008 by Rick Bacigalupi

The often-maligned coyote thrives in much of California, including a variety of habitats in the Bay Area. Michael Ellis explains ...

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Making Peace with Coyote

January 01, 2007 by Clifford Agocs

Clementine is a 130-pound great Pyrenees—a white shag carpet of a dog who sleeps through the day out in the ...

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