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Mapping the Bay Area’s Wild Places

June 04, 2015 by Beth Slatkin

Guiding people through the wilderness - and empowering them with the tools to protect it - comes naturally to GreenInfo Network Executive Director and Bay Nature board chair emeritus Larry Orman.

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Greenbelt Alliance

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

One of the region's iconic environmental organizations, Greenbelt Alliance has been working to protect open space in the Bay Area since 1958. The group focuses on sound urban planning, growth limits, and building support for open space acquisition.

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Upside to a down economy: less pressure on open space

May 23, 2012 by Alison Hawkes

One of the impacts of the economic recession over the last few years has been less interest in developing the Bay Area’s remaining open space.A new report released on Tuesday by Greenbelt Alliance finds that a down real estate market, combined with public policies to restrict growth, has led to a 20 percent drop in the amount of Bay Area land “at risk” for development, compared to six years ago.An estimated 77,300 acres is no longer in the immediate cross-hairs of developers and suburban planners, according to At Risk: The Bay Area Greenbelt 2012. And some 3 million acres total are now protected.

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Book Review: Dorothy Erskine, Graceful Crusader for Our Environment

October 01, 2010 by Dan Rademacher

A strong biography of the founder of Greenbelt Alliance, dorothy Erskine, who deserves to be remembered widely and well.

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Visualizing Futures for Redwood City Salt Ponds

June 08, 2010 by Dan Rademacher

We recently came across a compelling short video that uses Google Earth and historical photos to make the case against Cargill's large proposed development in Redwood City. Watch the video -- and then learn who made it, and why...

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Development Threats in Los Medanos Hills

January 01, 2010 by Dan Rademacher

The hills above the Concord Naval Weapons Station are part of a property proposed for development by local builder Albert Seeno’s Discovery Builders. But local open space advocates are hoping to negotiate protections for this vital greenbelt between Concord and Pittsburg.

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Bay Area Environment on the November Ballot

October 01, 2008 by Aleta George

You can also support our open spaces and natural resources when you vote this November. Residents in Alameda and Contra ...

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Greenbelt Alliance Turns 50

July 01, 2008 by Aleta George

The Warm Springs Unit, like many other relatively small protected areas throughout the region, may not look like much compared ...

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