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San Francisco Estuary Institute

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

The San Francisco Estuary Institute conducts research and synthesizes data on San Francisco Bay and surrounding watersheds.

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The River Through Time

July 13, 2012 by Robin Grossinger

There's a lot more to the Napa Valley than wineries and fancy food. Look closely and the landscape reveals clues to a past full of greater ecological complexity, from beaver ponds to vast freshwater marshes. New research into that history may point the way to a more biodiverse future.

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Discovering Past Landscapes with Robin Grossinger

June 06, 2012 by Daniel McGlynn

Robin Grossinger directs San Francisco Estuary Institute's Historical Ecology Program. Grossinger's team uses hundreds of historical texts, photographs, and survey maps to depict what the Bay Area used to look like to help inform present and future stewardship, including several extensive restoration projects around the region.

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Book Review: A State of Change: Forgotten Landscapes of California

October 01, 2010 by Sue Rosenthal

This book is an unmatched picture--in paintings and words-- of what California might have been like before the arrival of Europeans.

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In Search of a Lost Laguna

July 01, 2001 by Robin Grossinger

StillHere: Diseño Del Rancho San Pablo courtesy of The Bancroft Library www.stillhere.org www.sfei.org/HEP/index.html Like this article?There’s lots more where this ...

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