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Latest from Point Molate Beach Park

Trailblazing with TRAC’s Bruce Beyaert

April 10, 2014 by Beth Slatkin

This year, the Trails for Richmond Action Committee (TRAC) is celebrating its 15th year as the leading advocacy group for ...

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Deciding Point Molate’s Future

May 15, 2010 by Dan Rademacher

On May 18, the Richmond City Council voted to extend for 10 months an agreement with a developer proposing a casino at Point Molate, a former Navy fuel depot near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Local activists and architects are working on their own alternative vision for the space.

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Gambling on Grass at Point Molate

April 01, 2010 by Aleta George

Native plant advocates charge that the studies done for the proposed casino at Richmond’s Point Molate ignore the site’s rare collection of native grasses.

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Chevron Gives Ground

December 09, 2009 by Maria Vierra

After two years of negotiation with the East Bay Regional Park District, Chevron has agreed to allow access to two parcels of land on Chevron property that moves a step closer to extending the San Francisco Bay Trail along Richmond's Point San Pablo Peninsula. But there's a lot more work to do...

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Betting on Point Molate

July 01, 2006 by Chiori Santiago

With stunning views of the Bay and Marin, Richmond’s Point Molate has seen a lot of changes: It’s been a shrimp camp, a huge winery, and a Navy fuel depot. Now the site of a controversial casino proposal, this modest point of land is home to diverse wildlife and some of the East Bay’s last native coastal prairie.

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