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A tale of two species, and a lagoon

January 24, 2012 by Paul Hagey

Sharp Park is at the center of a controversy over whether golfing can coexist with endangered species. The Pacifica course, which overlooks the ocean, is a unique coastal freshwater ecosystem with a lagoon that's great for the California red-legged frog and San Francisco garter snake. But if you want to keep the fairways open to business, much of that water has to be pumped away.

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Supes to decide on Sharp Park today; then to Mayor’s office

December 06, 2011 by Paul Hagey

The San Francisco garter snake and its food of choice, the California red-legged frog, may get new landlords at their wetland home, the San Francisco-owned Sharp Park in Pacifica, if the board of supervisors passes legislation today that would clear the way for a transfer of its management to the National Park Service.

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Groups Sue SF Over Sharp Park

March 04, 2011 by Alison Hawkes

Environmental groups have filed suit against the city of San Francisco under claims it's violating the Endangered Species Act at Sharp Park Golf Course. The groups say that San Francisco, which owns and operates the 90-year old golf course in Pacifica, is harming two imperiled species: the California red-legged frog and the San Francisco garter snake.

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EndangerBus Feature: San Francisco Garter Snake

December 23, 2010 by Bay Nature Staff

Reptile expert Robert Stebbins calls the San Francisco garter snake "one of the most beautiful serpents in North America." The snake's dazzling patterns of color serve as camouflage in its native habitat: the open marshes, stream banks, grasslands, and vernal pools of the San Francisco Peninsula. But the best camouflage is little help if your home territory gets built over.

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Mori Point Restoration

July 21, 2009 by Rick Bacigalupi

Restoration efforts at Pacifica’s Mori Point focus on reclaiming native plant habitat lost over the years to a maze of ...

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Mori’s Story

April 01, 2009 by Dan Rademacher

A town comes together to protect beautiful Mori Point, home to threatened frogs, endangered snakes, and superb wildflowers.

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California Red-legged Frog Controversy at Sharp Park Golf Course

April 01, 2007 by Matthew Bettelheim

Some threatened and endangered amphibians and reptiles are content to share habitat with cattle, as we reported in our April ...

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