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High Plains Drifters

August 10, 2012 by Beth Slatkin

My current beach reading has the usual ingredients: a steamy love triangle, a pitched battle between mortal enemies, and colorful ...

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Big solar on ice in Alameda County

December 12, 2011 by Alison Hawkes

After one solar company proposed covering 2,000 acres of open space in eastern Alameda County, county planning officials are preparing a new solar policy that will take into account environmental concerns like the loss of wildlife habitat. The debate is the latest in a series of clashes nationwide between green power and conservation.

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The flowers of Jepson Prairie

May 03, 2011 by Rick Bacigalupi

Follow along on a docent-led walk among the wildflowers of Solano County’s Jepson Prairie, one of the best remaining examples ...

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Jepson Prairie’s Weird, Wonderful Wildlife

May 03, 2011 by Rick Bacigalupi

Jepson Prairie, in Solano County, is home to vernal pools — and otherworldly invertebrates that look a bit like tiny ...

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Vernal Splendor

April 01, 2011 by Aleta George

The vernal pools of Jepson Prairie are transformed by winter rains and spring blooms: The dry plain gives way to muddy ponds, then concentric rings of colorful wildflowers. Don’t miss the show!

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Warm Springs Unit Expansion

July 01, 2008 by Aleta George

With no April showers, the largest vernal pool in the Warm Springs Unit of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay ...

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Bay Area Pond Walks

April 01, 2007 by David Carroll

With the heat of summer not yet upon us, now is the best time to take stock of ponds all ...

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Poolside Beauties

April 01, 2006 by Aleta George

Vernal pools are havens for specialized species, including the endangered Contra Costa goldfield and the native solitary bee that pollinates it.

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Night of the Salamander

January 01, 2005 by Joy Lanzendorfer

On winter's wettest night, you just might see a California tiger salamander on its trek from grassland to wetland.

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