Looking north along the beach and cliffs at Kehoe Beach in Point Reyes National Seashore. Read about the the geology of Kehoe in "A Trip Through Time On the Pacific Plate," in the July-September issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by Najib Joe Hakim

Nature News

Edges of Extinction

UC Santa Cruz ecologist Barry Sinervo studies dying species like a detective at a murder scene, hoping to identify animals near the brink of extinction.

Q&A: San Francisco Public Press Reporter Kevin Stark on Sea Level Rise and Bay Area Preparations

Reporter Kevin Stark, one of the co-authors on a major new sea level rise project from the San Francisco Public Press, talks about the challenges of thinking about and reporting on sea level rise in the Bay Area.

Ask The Naturalist: Why Do Honeybees Clean Themselves?

Some have suggested that the inside of a hive is as clean as a hospital room. Maybe or maybe not. But honey bees are one tidy creature.

After Decades Away, Western Pond Turtles Come Home to Mountain Lake

Biologists released western pond turtles into Mountain Lake, marking another big step in the San Francisco lake’s comeback.

When It Rains, It Pours: Historic Drought and Atmospheric Rivers

Current climate change research suggests California’s weather could become even more variable than in the past, a “new normal” of drier dry periods punctuated by wetter winter storms.

What Could You Do With 13 Acres of Brand-New Parkland In San Francisco’s Presidio?

By sinking Doyle Drive into a tunnel, the Presidio has created an additional 13 acres of open space. Now the question is how to use it — and the Presidio Trust wants the public to help decide.


July-September 2015

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