Looking southwest from Montara Mountain. | Photo by Robert John White

Nature News

The Ethics of Shooting the Wild

Acclaimed Inverness-based wildlife photographer Daniel Dietrich is raising awareness around the shifty practice of owl baiting in the quest for the perfect shot.

Second Spring

Eighteen months after a fire, what to look for on Mount Diablo

San Francisco’s Native Bees Do the Job Just Fine

San Francisco gardeners should take heart. There’s enough native bees around to do your pollinating.

Pioneering The Mammal Big Day

The idea of recording as many mammals as you can see in 24 hours hasn’t caught on the way the birding big day has. But when a team of longtime biologists set out into the field, their efforts netted them some important new information about Northern California’s wild mammals — and a new North American record.

A Natural History of That Little Yellow Flower That’s Everywhere Right Now

Oxalis provides a delightful burst of yellow color in the spring. Also, it’s eating the entire Bay Area alive.