Looking north along the beach and cliffs at Kehoe Beach in Point Reyes National Seashore. Read about the the geology of Kehoe in "A Trip Through Time On the Pacific Plate," in the July-September issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by Najib Joe Hakim

Nature News

A Condor Recovery, Fueled By Volunteers, Needs More Help

Through their numbers are on the right track, the condor population isn’t self-sustaining. Condors in the wild still face significant threats from lead poisoning and micro trash, and require constant monitoring — most of it by volunteers.

El Niño’s Here. What Does That Actually Mean?

Two strong historical El Nino wet winters nurture hope for relief from our current drought. But there are several good reasons to hedge about the coming winter.

The Peninsula Watershed: To Open, Or Not To Open?

The 23,000 acres around Crystal Springs are prime hiking territory in an urban region desperate for more places to get outdoors. They’re also home to numerous endangered species, and critical to San Francisco’s drinking water supply.

Q&A: The Unseen Peninsula’s Private Photographer

“I am what poet, farmer, essayist and author Wendell Berry might call a placed person, and this is my home.”

Ask the Naturalist: Why are deer droppings so tiny?

Why are deer droppings so small? East Bay Regional Parks’ Cat Taylor has the scoop on ungulate poop.

What’s Living in the Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge? Plenty, Still.

The Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge might not look like much. But its industrial surroundings hide a biodiversity gem.