Looking west from Montara Mountain. | Photo by Robert John White

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Nowhere to Go But Up

We’ve built our cities right up the edge of the Bay, and it’s a big Bay so there’s lots of low-lying waterfront. Now sea level rise is forcing hard decisions and creative thinking about that waterfront.

California’s Drought, As Measured From the Sky

Up until recently, there were limited and fairly antiquated options on how to measure California’s snowpack.

Preserving Agriculture, Restoring a Watershed, and Getting Help from the Locals To Do It

T he early morning fog was lifting from the Diablo and Santa Cruz mountain ranges as 65 second graders unloaded from a yellow school bus and walked across the exuberantly green floodplain of Gonzales Farm. This flatland just outside of Gilroy stretches between the two coastal ranges, glowing green following the December rains like a […]


Jan-Mar 2015

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Nowhere to Go But Up by Ariel Rubissow Okamoto


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California Drought

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