Waves swirl around the rocks of Bodega Head. Read about how citizen activists saved the North Coast from a nuclear power plant in the April-June issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by Kathryn Barnhart

Nature News

Ask the Naturalist: Why Are Sea Hares Multiplying In Lake Merritt?

Nearly 100 giant sea slugs have been spotted in Oakland’s Lake Merritt — and they’re breeding! But why? We asked Cal Academy’s Terry Gosliner about this sudden influx.

Pro-Grazing Pieces Don’t Do a Full Accounting of Livestock Costs

An ecologist argues that the presumed benefits of grazing—if they are real in the first place–can only be realized in small areas and/or result in excessive widespread collateral damage to wildlife, soils, water, and vegetation.

Driving Home the Butterfly

The endangered Mission blue butterfly flies again on Twin Peaks, thanks to a dedicated six-year transplant effort that might be in its last year.

Ask The Naturalist: What’s That Weird Ball Coming Out Of That Bird’s Mouth?

For birds of prey, this may be the closest equivalent to a cat’s hairball. The pellet is a necessary means to get rid of indigested material.

What People Talk About When They Talk About Sage Grouse

How the greater sage grouse, a chicken-like resident of the sagebrush prairie, became what some call the most important conservation story in a generation.


April-June 2015

Table of Contents

Range of Possibilities by Kelly Cash

How Green is My Valley! by Lisa M. Krieger

The Ballad of Bodega Head by Kenneth Brower

Flood Control 2.0 by Ariel Rubissow Okamoto