Cullinan Ranch along Highway 37 and San Pablo Bay has been returned to tidal wetland, and is now open to the public. Read more in the January-March issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by Russell Lowgren

Nature News

What Lurks Beneath

A small research team sets out in the search for a potential ocean killer. But in this unusual year, nature is not cooperating with her interrogators.

Identifying With Lichen

In which California is the first state to have a state lichen.

San Francisco Joins the Water Trail

Islais Creek Park is the first official San Francisco site on the San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail.

El Niño Means It’s Warmer Than Usual. Take Away the El Niño? That’s Warmer Than Usual, Too.

The focus on 2015’s record heat conceals a larger truth: cool years are increasingly unlikely.

Conservation in Action
A Backup Plan for the Delta Smelt

The search for a backup plan as the Delta Smelt nears extinction in the wild.

Sylvia McLaughlin: Champion for San Francisco Bay (1916-2016)

The Bay Area looks very different, and is infinitely more livable for both humans and wildlife, because of Sylvia McLaughlin’s vision and her work.