Looking southwest from Montara Mountain. | Photo by Robert John White
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Nature News

Fighting to Save, and Popularize, San Bruno Mountain

David Schooley and San Bruno Mountain Watch have done much to save San Bruno Mountain. Now they want to share it with the world.

Without Racial Diversity, Do Enviros Risk Becoming Marginalized?

UC Berkeley professor Carolyn Finney explains why environmentalists should support biodiversity — and racial diversity.

A Landscape Shaped By Fear

What causes the strip of bare dirt between chaparral and grassland? A researcher tests the idea of a “scurry zone” on Mount Diablo.

Gray Fox Spotted in Presidio for First Time In More Than a Decade

A Presidio Trust biological science tech spotted a gray fox near the Batteries to Bluffs trail on Wednesday, the first recorded in the Presidio since 2004.

‘Slow Coast’ May Get a National Monument

Santa Cruz Redwoods National Monument has a certain ring to it.