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INTO THE BAY: Read more about the remarkably still-wild San Francisco Bay in the January-March issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by David Liittschwager, Liittschwager.com

Nature News

Naturalist's Notebook
Naturalist’s Notebook: Good Algae Gone Bad

Blue-green algae has made some Bay Area ponds dangerous

Old Giants: The Last Days of Oakland’s Redwoods

An excerpt from Sylvia Lindsteadt’s Lost Worlds of the San Francisco Bay Area on the logging of the East Bay’s redwood trees.

The San Francisco Bay is One of the Most Remarkable, Overlooked Stories of Nature in the 21st Century

How did so many people come to see the Bay as lifeless, or as negative space to drive over?

Ask the Naturalist
Why Do Tule Elk Drop Their Antlers Every Year?

Ask the Naturalist: Why do tule elk drop their antlers every year?

On the Trail
Franklin Point Offers A Unique Look at the San Mateo Coast

The California Coastal Trail runs west of Highway 1 along this scenic stretch of the San Mateo coast.

Conservation in Action
Sea Otter Adoptees Born in Elkhorn Slough

A surrogate sea otter program at the Monterey Bay Aquarium has helped grow the wild otter population in Elkhorn Slough.