A California least tern breaks the surface of the water by the Hayward Shoreline. Read more about the recovery of the endangered terns in the July-September issue of Bay Nature. | Photo by Jerry Ting

Nature News

A Shakespearian Classic with a California Landscape Twist: Romeo and Juliet Comes Outdoors to the Petaluma Adobe

The We Players theater group performs Romeo and Juliet at the Petaluma Adobe this summer.

On the Trail
Ranch Recreation: Camping Out on Working Lands in Western Sonoma

In the “middle space” between protected and unprotected, a reporter finds a perfect place to camp.

What’s Next for the Redwoods?

A bold new design for the redwood forests of the 21st century is forged in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Signs of the Season
Stories in Sand

Magnified 200 times, these grains tell an ancient tale

Conservation in Action
An Emissary of the Bay’s Forgotten Beaches

Hardly anyone knew about the plant called sea-blite when it lived on the shores of the San Francisco Bay. No one noticed when it disappeared. Now, thirty years after it went locally extinct, a freelance coastal ecologist sets out on an unlikely mission to bring it back.

A Sea Snail’s Ability to Flee From Predators Is Impaired By More Acidic Water, New Paper Suggests

Sea snails flee from predators. A new research paper suggests that ocean acidification impairs that ability.