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A Photo Birding List for the Regional Parks Botanic Garden

All photos by Minder Cheng

The 10.5-acre Regional Parks Botanic Garden, tucked into a valley in Tilden Regional Park, grows native plants from around the state — and attracts birds from far and wide. A Botanic Garden Bird Survey Team has found each of the following species in the garden in the last few years:

Anna's hummingbird
A female Anna’s hummingbird sucking nectar of a Humboldt’s lily.
golden-crowned sparrow
Golden-crowned sparrow.
steller's jay
A Steller’s jay with an acorn.
spotted towhee
A spotted towhee.
black phoebe
A black phoebe catching and swallowing a bee.
dark-eyed junco
A dark-eyed junco feasting on Nevin’s barberry.
american robin
An American robin (female) with an earthworm for her chicks.
red-breasted sapsucker
Red-breasted sapsucker.
lesser goldfinch
A lesser goldfinch on Fort Miller clarkia.
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