Climate Change

Foster City’s developer faces sea level rise

December 12, 2012

In the development rush of the 1960’s 40% of the San Francisco Bay was filled in. One result was Foster City, built completely on wetlands and sitting at sea level. But rising seas, higher waves and storm surges, brought on by climate change, threaten the levees in front of this city. T. Jack Foster Junior, who built this town, paints a rosier picture of the area’s future.

Mortgaging the Future is the fourth in a web series Bay Nature is showcasing this month about how the Bay Area will fare under rising oceans. The stories were produced by Claire Schoen Media. Check out our interview with Claire Schoen about her work and this project.

Claire Schoen Media is a production company that has been creating radio, film and multimedia programming for over 25 years. RISE was created by a creative team of audio and visual artists.

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