Bay Nature magazineWinter 2003


Tiburon Audubon Center

January 1, 2003

Tiburon Audubon Center & Sanctuary, comprising 11 acres of varied terrain and 900 acres of submerged mudflat and rocky beach, serves as an engaging outdoor classroom. Located at the northern end of Richardson Bay, the center offers adults environmental education workshops and docent training for its Bay Shore Studies (BSS) program. BSS is a volunteer-led, 28-year-old program that provides tours to school groups from all over the Bay Area. Docents teach children about the algae, invertebrates, and birds that make Richardson Bay home. Docent-training courses begin on January 21 and run through April 1 and will include sessions on the fish and birds of San Francisco Bay, the properties of water, bay ecology and history, algae and plankton, marine invertebrates, and much more. Contact Meryl Sundove at (415) 388-2524 or visit

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