Amelia Sue Marshall

Amelia Sue Marshall is author of East Bay Hills: A Brief History (The History Press, 2017) and coauthor, with Terry L. Tobey, of Oakland’s Equestrian Heritage (Arcadia Publishing, 2008). For 20 years she has volunteered with the East Bay Regional Park District as a trail safety patroller. For the past six years, she has volunteered with the park district archives as well. Amelia lives in Oakland with her family. They frequently hike in Redwood Regional Park.
Aurelia Reinhardt grove dedication

Behind the Name at the East Bay Parks


How often have you encountered a trail, campsite—or even an entire park—with an odd or mysterious name? Eighty-five years ago, visionary academics, public officials, and hikers, living mostly in Oakland and Berkeley, convinced public agencies to convert hilltop watershed lands … Read more