Beth Slatkin

Beth Slatkin is Bay Nature's marketing and outreach director.
Mount Diablo as seen from Newhall Park in Concord. Photo: Falcorian

Ascending the Mountain


For the Mountain Institute’s Ed Bernbaum. connecting people to mountains’ spiritual and cultural meaning is the key to protecting them.

Morris Older (r-rear) with a V-O-Cal team in the field

Out on the Trail with V-O-Cal’s Morris Older


This past weekend, a new trail was blazed from San Francisco’s McLaren Park to its Visitacion Valley neighborhood, providing a safe alternative to walking on a busy city street. The skilled squad of workers behind this new trail offered their time and effort for … Read more

Strollers on the San Francisco Bay Trail at Aquatic Park (Photo: Jay Jones)

On the Trail with Laura Thompson


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Bay Trail, a 500-mile-long trail corridor which traces nearly the entire shoreline of San Francisco Bay. We spoke with Bay Trail project manager Laura Thompson about her efforts to connect remaining segments, … Read more

Scarlet bugler blooming atop Kreiger Peak, 2007. Photo by Heath Bartosh

Chasing the Fire Followers


Botanist Heath Bartosh, co-founder of Nomad Ecology, gained an early appreciation for the rich botanical wealth of the Golden State.

TRAC Chair Bruce Beyaert celebrating the opening of a new Bay trail segment in Richmond.

Trailblazing with TRAC’s Bruce Beyaert


This year, the Trails for Richmond Action Committee (TRAC) is celebrating its 15th year as the leading advocacy group for completion of the San Francisco Bay Trail along the Richmond shoreline. TRAC’s chair and co-founder is Bruce Beyaert, a longtime … Read more