Gordon Lau

Gordon Lau is a lifelong nature enthusiast born and raised in the Bay Area. He is particularly fascinated by amphibians and reptiles (as they are by far the easiest vertebrates to catch and observe up close!) as well as disease ecology, and combines these interests in his Master’s thesis at SF State investigating the correlation of salamander life history traits and susceptibility to chytrid fungal infections. Lately, he has also taken an interest in science outreach and education, and hopes to one day make the environmental field accessible and relatable to traditionally underrepresented groups of people, especially from minority lower income backgrounds. You can also follow his Instagram profile @accordiongordon to check out his cool wildlife findings, as well as his Youtube channel “Gordon Gone Wild” for videos of his wildlife adventures and off-the-cuff humor.
salamander in fire

Which Bay Area Salamander Are You?


What salamanders live in the Bay Area? Ahh yes, salamanders. The under-appreciated amphibians, second to their more well-known and vocal (if slightly obnoxious) cousin the frog. For these slimy critters, existence under the forest floor or in murky bodies of … Read more