Lexi Pandell

Lexi Pandell is a writer from Oakland. Her nonfiction work has been published by The Atlantic, The New York Times, WIRED, Condé Nast Traveler, GQ, Playboy, Creative Nonfiction, and others.
black-tailed bumblebee

Who Knew Bees Could Bring A Mountain Together


Party cups—that would normally hold beer—painted fluorescent blue, yellow, and white rest atop a mess of dried-up orchardgrass and are tethered to the ground with a thin cord. Inside each cup is a slurry of soapy water and propylene glycol, … Read more

One Tam’s Meteoric Rise


Building a team—be it a gaggle of Little League baseball players, a coalition in Congress, or a new tech business—requires the same tools. And so it is with stewarding nature.

The (Other) Uber Network in California


Across the Golden State, conservation collectives are popping up like mushrooms after a hard rain. They’ve united as the California Landscape Stewardship Network. “Together we’re stronger” is their message.

Turning the Corner on Invasive Spartina


Today, after 13 years of work by the Invasive Spartina Project and its partners to eliminate the invasive hybrid, the team is now into the rebuilding phase of its long-term plan, replanting the area with native cordgrass in hopes that it will reclaim its former territory.