Sue Rosenthal

Sue Rosenthal is Bay Nature's contributing editor.

Ocean Resources


I. LEARN MORE A. OUR NATIONAL MARINE SANCTUARIES Encyclopedia of the SanctuariesOnline guide to over 100 marine species from each of the marine sanctuaries in the United States. Includes photos, streaming video, and important biological information for mammals, fish, birds, … Read more

San Pablo Baylands Agencies and Organizations


The Bay Institute of San Francisco Works with public agencies and nonprofits to promote wetlands restoration around San Pablo Bay, including a partnership with Dept. of Fish & Game and Sonoma County Water Agency on the use of reclaimed water … Read more

Botanic Magic


On just ten acres in the Berkeley hills, there’s an enchanting garden that hosts much of California’s vast botanic diversity. The Regional Parks Botanic Garden—Northern California’s only public garden focused on our state’s native plants—is a center for conservation, research, and public education. Rare and endangered plants from around the state have found a refuge here. And thousands of children and adults alike have walked the garden’s paths, under the spell of our native flora.

Visiting the Regional Parks Botanic Garden


The Regional Parks Botanic Garden, in Tilden Regional Park, is a 10-acre landscape of plants native to California. The garden includes ten sections corresponding to ten geographic regions of the state, all woven into a beautiful naturalistic landscape of trees, … Read more