Sue Rosenthal

Napa–Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area

Baylands Public Access


San Francisco Bay is surrounded by amazing wetlands and wetland restoration projects, but they can be hard to find. Here’s everything you need to get there.

Blitzers Search for SOD


A project out of UC Berkeley recruits citizen scientists to help track the spread of sudden oak death. They do it every spring, and the more people take part, the better the chance we can protect precious oaks from a deadly pathogen.

Stargazing in the SF Bay Area


Nature doesn’t disappear when the sun goes down–there’s a whole universe out there to explore after dark! If you don’t have your own telescope, you can look at stars, planets, and other astronomical objects through big telescopes at observatories and smaller, portable telescopes at star parties or see them in dazzling indoor planetarium shows. People who share their love of astronomy and stargazing with others are friendly by nature.

Hidden Life in the Sand


It turns out the sand at your local beach is not as simple as it seems–it’s full of little creatures. From sand crabs and beach hoppers to tiny water bears, there really is a world in a grain of sand, or at least between the grains of sand.