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Peering into Muddy Waters


One measure of the ecological richness of the Bay is its role as a major nursery for five resident species of sharks.

What makes wildflowers so colorful?


At the precise moment we are looking at them, flowers are sending light rays back to us. But not all of them are sending us the same kind of light in the same way. The different colors are different wavelengths … Read more

Rivers in the Bay


San Francisco Bay presented a thrilling—yet possibly lethal—mystery to a young Spanish captain as he sailed up to probe the entry to the Golden Gate for the first time on the morning of August 5, 1775. Juan Manuel de Ayala … Read more

The Art of Restoration


The air over Cullinan Ranch is cool and moist. Only the faintest gray line marks the location, south across San Pablo Bay, of the East Bay hills. The wetlands here, just north of Route 37, bear imprints of human use. … Read more

California newt, creative commons photo by randomtruth

East Bay Regional Newts


This article was the first nature article published by Bay Nature cofounder David Loeb. It originally appeared in Terrain, the magazine once published by the Berkeley Ecology Center. The small pond sits deep in an old quarry pit. Actually, it’s partly a pond … Read more