Spring 2015

Bay Nature’s April-June 2015 issue explores a wealth of human history and land use in the Bay Area. Writer Kenneth Brower remembers the small band of citizen activists who stood up to powerful corporate interests to keep nuclear power off the North Coast. Our On the Trail feature explores a new preserve in south San Jose that, by keeping out tech development, has preserved some of the pastoral character of the Coyote Valley. Ariel Rubissow-Okamoto takes a look at the way people have shaped creeks to our own purposes — and how restoring creek mouths might provide opportunities for dealing with climate change. And a special supplement on ranching and rangelands wonders: If ranchers are such great conservation partners, why has ranching often been viewed as bad for the environment? Also featuring: beautiful calochortus lilies, bluebird boxes, wildlife parenting, and interviews with all three of Bay Nature’s 2015 “Local Hero” award winners!

Cover photo, of a great horned owl and chicks, by Barry Grivett, San Jose, CA.

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