Bay Nature magazineSpring 2022


Annotated Nature: a Vernal Pool in Spring

March 29, 2022
About the Authors

Kate Mawdsley became an almost full-time botanical volunteer about 30 years ago, after she retired from a career as an academic librarian at UC Davis. She has been a docent at Jepson Prairie since 1987 and co-authored the third edition of the Jepson Prairie Preserve Handbook. Wildflowers anywhere, but especially in California’s vernal pools, are her passion.

Charlie Russell received a Master’s degree in Plant Pathology at U.C. Davis, which sparked a lifelong interest in botany. He has a strong interest and passion for photographing native plants, with a special emphasis on vernal pools. He’s a Certified California Naturalist, as well as a docent with the Jepson Prairie Preserve and Yolo Basin Foundation. He probably is out hiking somewhere looking for wildflowers right now, and when he finds the time he publishes his photos at and

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