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Carquinez Strait Heritage Committee Celebrate the Strait

July 1, 2001

The Carquinez Strait—known historically as the “Gateway to the Inland Coast”—is where San Francisco Bay meets the Delta. In August, the Carquinez Strait Heritage Committee is sponsoring a month-long series of special events focused on the Strait. Located between San Pablo Bay to the west and Suisin Bay to the east, the passageway is also the entrance into the largest wetland on the West Coast of the United States: Suisun Marsh. Celebrate the Strait is being held to promote awareness of the Strait and its resources while the Committee works toward having it designated as a National Heritage Area. During the event, a new map will be released that points out unique features of the Strait, identifies significant points of interest, and suggests several driving and biking tours. For more information about Celebrate the Strait, visit

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