Erica Gies

Erica Gies, a journalist and National Geographic Explorer, writes about water, climate change, plants, and critters for Scientific American, the New York Times, Nature, the Atlantic, and others. Her book Water Always Wins: Thriving in an Age of Drought and Deluge tells the story of water and its relationships and discusses how we can deploy “slow water” innovations to improve our own relationship with water, reducing impacts from today’s more intense floods and droughts. Water Always Wins is available for order at

The Mystery of the Los Gatos Beavers


Years before beavers famously returned to Martinez, Los Gatos locals were spotting them in their creeks and ponds. How they got there, though—that’s a bit of a rabbit hole.

Believing in the Power of Beavers


California’s beavers have been by turns hunted, protected, and neglected—even parachuted away to distant forests. Today, the embattled rodent is finding new appreciation for its ecological work.