Michael Ellis

Send your questions to atn@baynature.org.Santa Rosa-based naturalist Michael Ellis leads nature trips throughout the world with Footloose Forays (footlooseforays.com).
bobcat track

Bay Area Wildlife Tracking 101


What are some of the first things I should look for when tracking animals? —Nick in Fremont I used to think I was a good tracker. I even taught classes, but the more I learned about tracking, the more I … Read more

dancing skunk

Why Do Skunks Dance?


There are two species of skunk in the Bay Area, the familiar striped skunk, and the less common spotted skunk.

robin cup nest

How Do Birds Know How to Build Nests?


There are 10,000-plus species of birds in the world, about 1,100 species in the United States, and 350 or so in the greater Bay Area, so there is great variability in nests. But the basic purpose of any nest is … Read more