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Bay Nature magazineJuly-September 2016

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How Do Marine Mammals Sleep?

August 22, 2016 by Michael Ellis

How do marine mammals sleep? And is sleep essential for their survival?

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Research Vessel Spots Blue Whales — Now Can Their Observation Help Others?

October 04, 2013 by Sean Greene

The researchers log the sighting: three blue whales. From this distance, the world’s largest mammal looks like nothing more than a silver glint on the ocean’s surface. But the spotting is significant to the researchers, who aim to protect the animals from passing ships.

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Will this year’s good ocean conditions last?

November 15, 2012 by Aleta George

The first thing we heard was the exhalation of the animal,” says marine ecologist Kirsten Lindquist about the blue whale ...

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Golden Gate Cetacean Research

July 20, 2012 by Bay Nature

Golden Gate Cetacean Research is a nonprofit organization devoted to scientific research on local porpoises, dolphins and whales (collectively known as 'cetaceans'). The group has done extensive research on the return of harbor porpoises to San Francisco Bay.

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Don’t Miss the Summertime Blues!

August 11, 2010 by Melanie Jones

This summer has been a great year for whale watching in Monterey Bay. The giant blues showed up early and have stuck around, making for daily sightings of these amazing animals. Humpbacks are lunge-feeding and breaching. At the heart of it all? The humble krill...

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Gray Whale Migration

February 06, 2009 by Jessica Taekman

Now is the time to see gray whales migrating along the California coast and maybe even appearing inside the Bay.

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Book Review: Watching Giants

October 01, 2008 by Jessica Taekman

by Elin Kelsey, UC Press, December 2008, 304 pages, $24.95 Long-lived, slow to reproduce, and often hidden beneath ocean waves, ...

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Whales at the Farallon Islands

July 11, 2008 by Jessica Taekman

Picture hungry tourists swarming around an all-you-can-eat buffet. Only the tourists are 100 feet long and weigh almost 200,000 pounds. These are blue whales, the largest animals ever, and they've come to feast on some of the tiniest animals on the planet: millions upon millions of tiny shrimplike krill.

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Marine Sonar Controversy

October 01, 2003 by Leah Messinger

Marine reserves would probably not protect whales and other ocean mammals from the severe acoustic trauma of submarine-detecting Low-Frequency Active ...

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Ocean Awareness Campaign

October 01, 2003 by Leah Messinger

As thousands of monarchs return to the protection of the California State Park system, a coalition of marine conservation organizations ...


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