The San Francisco Bay is our region's dominant geographic feature.

Turning the Corner on Invasive Spartina


Today, after 13 years of work by the Invasive Spartina Project and its partners to eliminate the invasive hybrid, the team is now into the rebuilding phase of its long-term plan, replanting the area with native cordgrass in hopes that it will reclaim its former territory.

Almaden Reservoir, San Jose. January, 2014. (Justin Sullivan)

Water, Water Everywhere…?


In these days of scarce water, the supply of organizations talking about water policy seems to exceed the supply of the precious liquid itself.   But alongside the economically powerful giants duking it out for their share of the dwindling supplies, … Read more

Fucus, Hymenena and two varieties of Cryptopleura. Photo courtesy of Josie Iselin

For the Love of Seaweed


Josie Iselin’s passion for discovering natural treasures along the shore started young, and later evolved into her life’s work: turning ocean objects into art through her popular photography books. We spoke with Josie as she prepared to release her seventh … Read more