In the San Francisco Bay Area, slices of nature pop up in the most unexpected places, a testament to the region's wealth in biodiversity and the resilience of its natural systems. Bringing nature to urban areas is not just about ensuring the survival of species, but enhancing people's quality of life through a fulfillment of our innate need to be with nature.

iNaturalist Strikes Out on Its Own


With the help of a $10 million startup grant iNaturalist has separated from the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic Society and become its own independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Plants Are Culture, Too


¡Plantásticas! Our Lives with Plants, a temporary exhibition at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, explores the myriad relationships between people and plants, with a special focus on Latinx and Indigenous perspectives.

Why a Mouse Matters


Salt marsh harvest mice are hard to find, and their fates offer a glimpse at our own coastal society’s future. A reporter tags along on an epic rangewide survey of salties—the Bay Area’s own endemic mouse species.